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What are the steps to identify the quality of disposable face masks

What are the steps to identify the quality of disposable face masks

Nowadays, people use disposale face masks frequently in daily life, but people’s demand for masks in the market is also relatively large. So how should users distinguish the quality of masks when buying masks? The editor of disposable masks below will give a brief introduction to users, hoping to spread this knowledge to everyone.

In a place with ample illumination, the side close to the face will be 180 degrees to the light to see if the non-woven mask is shiny and free of broken hair. Disposable masks with stains, broken hairs, and color casts are defective. Check whether the entire disposable mask is soft, smooth and not rough. The fabrics of disposable masks are hard, rough, and thin, and are defective.

3 Ply Earloop Face Mask

Smell whether the disposable mask has a peculiar smell, not only the fabric, but also the ear straps. Peculiar smell is defective. (Individual packaging can prevent the disposable mask from being infected by odor, dust, and bacteria in the air.) Wear it to see if it is strangling the ears, and whether there is itching on the ears, face, and nose. Restricted ears and peculiar smell are defective products.

It depends on whether the packaging has a production address and national standards, usually GB15979-2002 or product standards are implemented. If the packaging bag is of poor quality, smells, is not standardized or is written in random, then this disposable mask will probably be produced in the workshop.

Post time: Nov-20-2020