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Nitrile gloves

Short Description:

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Disposable nitrile gloves are a kind of chemical synthetic materials. Acrylonitrile and butadiene have undergone special processing and formulation improvement. Breathability and comfort are close to latex gloves, and they will not cause any skin allergies.


Name  Disposable Nitrile Glove
Material: 100% Nitrile
Color blue, etc
Feature clear, dust free, water free, oil free, etc
Usage catering, cleaning, household, medical, etc
Packing: 100pcs/pack,100packs/ctn (Or customized)
Weight customizable
Capacity   1000ctns/day. 1500ctns/20GP, 3500ctns/40GP.
Tinkness customized
shipping By sea or air


The advantages of nitrile gloves:

1. Outstanding chemical resistance, protection against certain acids and alkalis, and good chemical protection against corrosive substances such as solvents and petroleum.

2. Good physical properties, good tear resistance, puncture resistance and friction resistance.

3. Comfortable style, the glove machine designed according to ergonomics makes it comfortable to wear and facilitates blood circulation.

4. Does not contain protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances, rarely cause allergies.

5. Degradation time is short, easy to handle, and environmentally friendly.

6. Silicone-free, with certain antistatic properties, suitable for the electronics industry.

7. Low surface chemical residues, low ion content and small particle content, suitable for strict clean room environment.

Packaging Details

Delivery Time about 15days after payment

Transport: air transport

Our Advantage

Quality guarantee

24-hour service


Q: Do you have goods in stock?

A: yes, we have .

Q: Can I place a  order now?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Do you have any certificates?

A: We’ve got FDA, CE, ISO13485 and some licenses for domestic market.

Q: What’s your MOQ?

A: at least 100 pieces .

Q:What are the shipping methods?

A:Priority use of air transport

Q: Can you shipping to my address? How much for shipping cost?

A: Pls send us your shipping address, then we will calculate the shipping cost for you.

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