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Safety Goggles

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MOQ  300pcs per model per color
Color  Any color is available
Frame  Flexible frame, Mold Injected Thermo-Plastic Urethane(TPU) 
Samples  It cost 1-3 days to make samples. Pay via PayPal can be accepted.
Certificate  CE FDA
Customized  Print logo on frame and lens; print/weave logo on the strap; custom molded;
Lens color  Clear, gray, orange, smoke, chroming silver/rainbow/ REVO/fake REVO

Safety glasses are a kind of glasses that play a special role, and the glasses for different needs in different occasions are used. Such as surgical glasses for hospitals, welding glasses for electric welding, laser protective glasses for laser engraving, etc. Protective glasses, also known as labor protection glasses in industrial production, are divided into two categories: safety glasses and protective masks, which are mainly used to protect eyes and face from electromagnetic wave radiation such as ultraviolet, infrared and microwave, dust, smoke, metal and sand Damage from stone debris and chemical solution sputtering.

Safety Goggles Advantages

1. Curved comlete piece design with big vision, and good sealing effect

2. The design of indirect vents design keeps the air fresh air

3. Meets CE EN 166F and ANSI Z87.1

The role of safety glasses:

(1) Anti-shock goggles can prevent metal fragments or chips, sand, stone chips, concrete chips and other splashes from hitting the eyes. Metal cutting operations, concrete chiselling operations, portable grinder operations, etc. are suitable for wearing this flat goggles.

(2) UV protection goggles and radiation shield for UV protection and strong light. The radiation shield used in the welding work should be made of non-conductive material, and the size of the observation window, filter, and protective film should be consistent and seamless. The color of the goggles is a mixed color, preferably blue, green, or gray.

(3) Simple goggles against harmful liquids are mainly used to prevent eye damage caused by liquids such as acids and alkalis and other dangerous injection bodies and chemicals. The general lens is made of ordinary glass, and the frame is made of non-metallic corrosion-resistant material.

(4) Adding a certain amount of lead made of metal lead to the glass of the lens, the goggles are mainly to prevent X-rays from damaging the eyes.

(5) Protective glasses against dust, smoke and various toxic gases with slight toxicity or weak irritation must be sealed, covered with no ventilation holes, tightly contact with the face, and the frame should be acid and alkali resistant.

1.How about my own brand LOGO ? 

We can print or laser your logo or metal logo on temples, tips and lens!

2. Could I buy 1 pair as sample first and place a small order?

Yes, we accept sample order, you can order sample to check quality first.

3. How much for each pair?

The price depends on model, lenses color and arms, so I hope you can list what you choose first.

4. This is my first time buy from your company, how to arrange the shipping for me?

We usually ship by FedEx, DHL, UPS or TNT. If you have carrier account, it will be also OK.

5. What if I receive broken items?

If you received the item in broken, please contact us and take photos soon, we will replace it in your next order.

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